miércoles, 1 de abril de 2020

Wise old, poem.

Wise old

Wise old
humble and goody
you walk by dragging a fat body
which is a full compendium
of life and works without conclusion.

In the young wine you find an ancient truth
the splintered old supports your cheerfulness
and with the scallop accepted a sign of other times
as archaic as the human conscience.

Retains its intangible light until the end of time
and don't forget to walk.
You will a dog for companion;
the fox, the eagle, bear, and wolf,
you will sing Your Song
on the nights of fear and terror.

Es un poema de mi libro Secreto canto de las luciérnagas

martes, 31 de marzo de 2020

Thanks, Pattern, a poem.

Thanks, Pattern

In the stones of the Way
beat the hearts pilgrims
The leaves on the trees collected
scraps of the soul walker
Move down the streams as their sentences
The clouds are their songs and prayers until beyond the sun.

Pain and misery they accompany their gaits
Laughter and happy dreams their breaks.

Frank friendship are its fruits
Smiles are the memories.
Even the most vile spirit can feel
Between both fatigue and concerns
On so many penalties and bitterness as leads to slopes
That under the stars a little higher than he extols
And pushes to continue.

Otro poema de Secreto canto de las luciérnagas.

lunes, 30 de marzo de 2020

Distant star, poem.

Distant star

In the light of a distant star
things are of another color.
Marvel know how much light gives the Sun
And the grace of the colors
The diversity of the tones
And in your eyes the brightness
of the knowing that everything is
a gift from God.

Even a simple stone shows
a beauty that only you can recognize.
In the stone and in the star
is a heart that beats
with a music that comes out of you.

Someday, mustiness,
You'll be blue to be white.

Un poema, en inglés, de mi libro Secreto canto de las luciérnagas, Poemario celeste.