miércoles, 31 de octubre de 2012

Twelve angels. Poem.


Twelve angels

Twelve angels and a celestial dragon
The old eye that sees all.

You walk barefoot on the boil green,
old pilgrim,
There is still time and you will be able to escape.
Lights in the sky
that deplete instantly to look at.
Lives lost without remedy
There is no more to see.
The steps marked have been deleted
And your mind already flees
her old causal scenario.

Cubes and pyramids, letters and signs.
Human constructions and dreams of children.
A flat world under the celestial vault
The Madam whispers its old sing
Already you're looking forward
to sleeping and dreaming.

Two red lights and a more,
Sky blue,
For your eternal sleep hot.

Un poema de mi libro: Secreto canto de las luciérnagas.
Secreto canto de las luciérnagas

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  2. There are 50 poems that I have written in Spanish and that little by little I am moving to the English language.