miércoles, 7 de noviembre de 2012

Field of stars. Poem.

    Field of stars

A moonless night
walking through the snow
was the beyond.
A duvet of stars invited
to lie in any ground.
Stop walking and sleep well
Sleep, die,
To the sea.
But the wind, such as a knife,
did not let him stop.
Seven sparks go forward at a steady pace.

The wayfarer walks jerking and the forces leave behind
But the faith to reach them, one day,
he returns to drive again and again.
Cruel Way and cold wine
The soul in pain and low light
Always the world's ice.

Another little more, and I am sure that one day
you'll end up in the field of the Stars of colors
And finally relax lying
Noting its lofty heavenly dance.

Un poema de mi libro Secreto canto de las luciérnagas.
Secreto canto de las luciérnagas

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