domingo, 29 de marzo de 2020

The celestial seagull, poem. Secreto canto de las luciérnagas.

The celestial seagull

The ever-changing nature
and the water looking for the easiest path
Birds fly with naturalness
and people are still his life in a similar way.

A man dances under the wings of the sun
and a seagull heavenly notes
The water condenses in active stars
and the cosmos in a lagoon.

The indecipherable clarifies
the problems are dissolved.

The bird arranges its nest a smile
- it is your spring -,
Rejoice you the heart.

The flowers preserved drops of rain
and a music of angels guide the constellations
a sidewalk toward beyond always find.

And your eyes looking at the night
See immense birds
with light and love.

Dedicado con especial cariño a mis amigos María y Manuel Rossi.

Secreto canto de las luciérnagas

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