miércoles, 14 de noviembre de 2012

Two rivers. Poem.

         Two rivers

Two rivers and three children
Four Winds fleeting
Thousands of birds of all colors
As gathered in bundles
They are the eyes of God
here on Earth.

Dance which colorful butterflies
The spirits of the nobles,
And in their dreams
Come laugh their inner soles.

The rivers join their flow
The children their hearts,
The life is renewed in millions of beings
And their mouths they praise the Creation.

Seven pilgrims get up early and go out and walk
Two angels measure their steps and their thinking
A fishing boat is next to the near Cape Touriñan
With its golden networks already have fish our bright areas.

In the night cries a child
The patient suffers in the hospital
A train light scintillates congrat for the stars
It leads to the that offends God.

 Algún día, si Dios quiere, nos reuniremos felices y contentos cerca del Cabo Turiñan. Cantaran los niños y reiran los soles.